You are in the right place if...

  • You've decided

    You know you want to take your life and business to the next level. You know there is so much more out there and you are ready to level up and have real EPIC results. You are ready to BE everything you came here to be.

  • You're ready

    You are ready to do what it takes on all levels (spiritually, mentally and physically) to get the results you want. You are prepared to DO the work no matter what. You are no longer willing to hang out on the sidelines. You are ready NOW.

  • You have it

    You are ready to have the life you have always wanted. You are tired of holding yourself back in those same patterns and ready to HAVE something different show up. You know the possibilities. Now you are ready to HAVE them manifest.

Hi! I'm Rebecca

A LOA expert, coach, speaker, author, podcast host and Realtor

I have over 25 years of experience, studying and applying the Law of Attraction. I am known for my no bullshit approach to all things life including spirituality. Going from a single mom with a husband in prison for a crime he didn't commit, broke and almost hopeless, I used the processes I teach to hop into real estate on a commission only gig, homeschool my son from 1-11th grade, then create a 6 figure real estate business and launch a sold out online course and coaching biz. If you are looking to break out and really learn to create the life you have been dreaming of we need to talk!